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Helping Hospitals, Governments and Nonprofits scale the demand for vaccination services and strengthen health systems

Reminder Disease Tracker

Child Registration
for Every Child


Leverage our USSD, Web & Mobile App channels to drive an inclusive Child registration.

Only 44 per cent of sub-Saharan Africa's children under-five years of age are registered today, and in rural areas, the rate is even lower. With smart investments and targeted actions, every child can have a fair chance in life. The continent’s child demographics are changing rapidly: by 2050, Africa will account for 42 per cent of all global births. The Rem ID tools and network helps governments scale child registration using digital tools available in urban and rural areas.

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Never Forget your Child’s Immunization


Leverage our online and offline channels to digitize immunization service reminders and track compliance, default and attrition.

In Africa and other parts of the world where immunization cards are used, they could get missing or contain errors which lead to missed appointments and repeated vaccination. Mothers who are illiterates may not understand the content of the cards.

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Rem Tracka


Powering the new generation of caregivers, health workers and healthcare institutions in Africa

Use any of our channels to report any immunizable disease supported by geo spatial capabilities.

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Strengthen your Health System

Reach more children using digital services in your community.

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